About Us

Certified professionals providing providing safe and reliable Hazardous Materials Assessments and consulting services.

Hygienica Environmental Assessments Ltd. is a specialized hazardous materials consulting and testing firm, committed to helping our clients identify and understand the potential risks associated with hazardous materials in their buildings. Founded in 2008, our team of professionals possesses the required and necessary certifications to work in the industry of hazardous materials, including AHERA asbestos certified building inspectors, EPA certified lead risk assessors, and ACAC certified mould consultants.

We provide a wide range of sampling and surveying services from conducting initial onsite surveys, collecting and submitting samples for analysis to air monitoring, and final clearance testing. At Hygienica, we believe education and awareness are critical components in any situation involving hazardous materials. We conduct education and training sessions as well as providing practical and cost-effective hazmat recommendations and developing written safe work procedures and exposure control plans for asbestos and lead. This ensures that you not only learn about the presence of any hazardous materials but how to properly deal with them to provide a safe living or working environment for all users of your building.

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