Asbestos Services

Pre-Demolition Surveys
Asbestos Management Surveys
Air Monitoring (PLM & TEM)
Air Clearance Sampling
Dust/Soil Sampling
Asbestos Abatement Management Services
Asbestos Abatement Specification Development
Asbestos Tenders & Site Walkthroughs
Risk Assessments & Exposure Control Plans (WorkSafe BC Reg 20.112)
Training & Fit Testing
Litigation Support (WorkSafe BC OHSR 297/79)
Compliance with WorkSafe BC Part 6 OHS Regulation, Asbestos


Asbestos in the Home

Explore this interactive house from WorkSafeBC to learn about the different locations asbestos could be hiding in your home

Air Monitoring Reports

We also provide Post Abatement Clearance reports for any asbestos and lead abatement work being conducted in compliance with WSBC/OHS Reg. 20.112. This service ensures the safe removal of all hazardous materials from the site, allowing for re-occupancy of the premises as well as safe working conditions during the abatement process.

Hazardous Materials Services

Lead Air Monitoring & Swab Sampling
Lead Clearance Sampling
Lead Contamination Surveys
Lead Risk Assessments (WorkSafe BC Reg 20.112)
Mould Assessments (WorkSafe BC Mould Regulation)
Mercury Assessments
PCB Identification & Sampling
Radiation Monitoring
Radon Monitoring
Site Cleanup
Risk Assessments & Exposure Control Plans
PPE Recommendations
Airborne Chemical Testing
Safe Work Procedure Development
City of Vancouver Qualified Professional (QP) – Declaration for Salvage and Abatement of Commercial, Industrial, or Residential Buildings.




Mould investigation services are provided to identify the presence and location of readily observable mould on indoor building surfaces as well as collecting air spore samples to identify any airborne fungal mould.


Occupational Hygiene Services

Worker Exposure Monitoring
Airborne Vapour/Fume Sampling
IAQ Assessments (WorkSafe BC IAQ Regulation Section 4.70 to 4.80)
Legionella Sampling
Compressed Breathing Air Testing
Risk Assessments
Exposure Control Plans (e.g. ammonia, solvents, paints, chemicals, refrigerants, etc)
Respirator Fit Testing

Other Links and Applicable Regulations

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