Wesgroup Hazardous Materials Database

(Asbestos and Lead Only)

Under new licensing regulations set forth by WorkSafe BC, as of January 1, 2024:

  • All pre-1990 buildings must be surveyed for asbestos and lead based on WSBC/OHS Regulation 6.4 (Inventory survey); and
  • All buildings, regardless of date of construction, are required to have a pre-renovation hazardous materials survey based on WSBC/OHS Regulation 20.112 (Pre-Renovation Hazmat survey).

Please note, based on WSBC/OHS Regulation 20.112, in the event of an emergency or renovation that will disturb any building materials that have not been identified as asbestos-containing, based on the regulations further sampling will be required.  The Pre-Renovation Hazmat survey under Regulation 20.112 is not limited to just asbestos and lead, but includes other potential hazardous materials including mercury, mould, CFCs, PCBs, radioactive materials, chemicals, and biological hazards.


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Emergency Response Protocols

Flow charts indicating what to do in the event of each potential emergency

In the event of a time-sensitive emergency in an area where testing has not been carried out or where further testing is needed to meet sampling requirements, the work necessary to contain the emergency can be carried out using a qualified abatement contractor under the assumption that the materials are asbestos-containing.  The third-party consultant will be required to carry out a final visual inspection, as well as air clearance sampling for re-occupancy in an occupied area.  A Pre-Renovation Hazmat survey can be completed once the emergency has been addressed and cleaned up, and will be submitted to Worksafe BC as part of the NOPA submittal.

Types of Units
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential
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